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Official Microsoft Classroom Training

Our classroom training solutions will see you mix the level of expertise pertained in official Microsoft classroom training with the flexibility and effectiveness of online training solutions. With a blended training solution you receive the benefits of both learning styles

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Classroom Training in Your Own Home

With our new online remote classrooms, you can have a full class room experience anywhere in the world. With access to all software, simulators and information needed to complete the course. The price of classrooms is going up and up, our new remote training is much more affordable for the same standard of training. Our training will be accessible on any PC or Mac of your choice meaning you do not have to travel to a classroom, just simply sign in and start learning, even at Home! Much like the traditional classroom experience you will have access to official labs and simulators to help assist your learning with hands on experience. You will also have a fully qualified trainer with you every step of the way, teaching you everything you need to become certified in your chosen subject.

You may be wondering if, What if I get stuck on a section? No need to worry with our new integrated chat feature you may ask the trainer a question at any time. Much like a traditional classroom the teacher can see what you’re doing on your machine and track your progress and see where exactly you are struggling and where you excel. No getting left behind: some learn quicker than others but with our review questions at the end of a section the trainer can track who exactly needs help and in what.

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